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Fairwayrock UK

A UK Home-Grown Price Comparison Site

Unlike other price comparison sites who claim to be British, we are 100% UK based and so know first-hand about what’s happening in the UK retail markets and what’s important to consumers. We help consumers find and compare prices and features on a wide range of products from multiple retailers and across different brands. Our prices and inventory are updated daily to help you get the best prices and latest deals.


We offer customisation to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. As well as filtering by price, customers can filter by brand, supplier, features, and specifications making it easy to find and compare the products you’re looking for.

Easy & Free To Use

Fairwayrock’s price comparison service is free of charge. The simple layout of our website makes it easy to navigate and search for products. We don’t favour one supplier over another; we simply list suppliers according to cheapest price first.

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