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55" HISENSE 55U7KQTUK Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR Mini-LED TV with Amazon Alexa, Silver/Grey


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EAN: 6942147493182

Brand: Hisense

Can you imagine a billion colours? That's how many this Hisense TV can show thanks to Quantum Dot Colour technology. What that actually means is more lifelike colour, from the azure blue waters of a tropical reef, to the delicate pinks in a sunset. The Mini-LED display helps banish annoying halos and ghosting for a sharper picture. Dolby Vision IQ is also on hand to deliver HDR content - it handles everything from deep blacks to vibrant colours, and it's perfect for moody dark scenes. Good to know - Dolby Atmos surrounds you with audio, so you'll feel shows, sports or games come alive - Game Mode PRO gets the most out of your 144 Hz VRR and keeps you competitive in fast-paced titles - The IMAX Enhanced certification means you won't need to go to the cinema to get that IMAX experience - Even low-res content gets a makeover with the Hi-View Engine - it uses AI for colour enhancement and 4K upscaling - Full Array Local Dimming technology enhances the contrast for darker darks and brighter brights ________________________________ Please note: Some apps & services (including tuner) are only available in the UK. Apps & services may be removed or no longer supported by third party content providers at any time. Some apps & services may not be available at launch and may require a firmware update before becoming available. Some services require an account and/or subscription fee.

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