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35cm W Black/White BBQ Pizza Oven Black Outdoor Heating


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GTIN: 0670586545907

Brand: Living and Home

35cm W Black/White BBQ Pizza Oven Black Outdoor Heating. Description:. Cook delicious pizza on top of your BBQ grill with this handy pizza oven. Simply slot the oven on top of a BBQ grill, wait for it to heat up, slot the pizza in and then remove the oven and pizza off the grill for perfectly cooked pizza every time.. Features. Insulated stainless steel housing for premium heat retention. Easy-to-read temperature gauge for ultimate cooking performance. Removable stone base. Carry handles for ease of use and transportation. Suitable for use with gas or charcoal barbecues. Dimensions Product Details:. Height (cm): 16. Length (cm): 40. Width (cm): 35. External Material: Steel. Material thickness: 0.6 mm. Adult Assembly Required: Yes. Colour:. Black. White. Package Included. 1x BBQ Pizza Oven. 1x User Manual

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