Best Cordless DeWalt Drills for Everyday DIY

3 March 2023

DeWalt is one of the greatest brands in the DIY/ tools market. They are famously known for their power tools and more specifically, their drills. In this blog, we have highlighted the best cordless DeWalt drills on the market just now. Each drill has a different use, function, and features. Continue reading to find the right cordless DeWalt drill for you!

1. Hammer Drill Driver– Cordless DeWalt Drills

Firstly, we have this hammer drill driver. Hammer drills are similar to impact drills, however, they are a lot larger and more powerful. This makes them great for projects and jobs that require force such as drilling concrete. The DEWALT DCD805E2T-GB 18V XR Cordless Compact Brushless Hammer Drill Driver is the perfect hammer drill driver example. It is a powerful 18V XR hammer drill with a compact design, making it easy to control and comfortable to use. In addition, it comes with 15 position adjustable torque control to ensure you get consistent screw driving into a variety of materials. You do not have to worry about your tool running out of battery as this drill comes with a two speed all metal transmission for increased runtime and longer tool life!

Black, silver, yellow DEWALT DCD805E2T-GB 18V XR Cordless Compact Brushless Hammer Drill Driver with battery and battery charger
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2. Magnetic Drill

Next up, we have the magnetic drill. Magnetic drills are perfect for drilling holes in metal such as steel. You can get a more accurate and precise hole with a magnetic drill compared to a regular hand drill. This DeWalt DCD1623 18V XR Magnetic Drilling Machine is a great option! It works with DeWalt’s 18V XR Lithium-Ion Batteries. In addition, this DeWalt magnetic drill can be used in forward or reverse modes, making it highly convenient for tapping. The integrated LED illuminates working areas and dark and confined spaces making it the perfect 2in1 tool!

Yellow, black, silver DeWalt DCD1623 18V XR Magnetic Drilling Machine
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3. Impact Drill Driver– Cordless DeWalt Drills

Thirdly, we have an impact drill driver. Impact drill drivers are perfect for a huge range of everyday DIY projects. However, they are primarily used for driving screws and tightening nuts. Impact drill drivers are very similar to regular drills, however, they are usually lighter and smaller and their torque output is higher than a typical drill driver. This DeWalt 18V Li-Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Dcf787N-Xj is a perfect example of an impact drill driver. It includes a brushless motor to ensure battery life is extended and the tool’s lifetime is maximised. In addition, this tool comes with a drop-in keyless hex driver which allows for quick, one handed bit fitting. This is great for quick jobs or tight spaces that requires fast bit changes. Finally, this impact drill driver has an LED work light which provides illumination whilst working, and has a soft grip handle to ensure control and comfort are maximised.

Black, silver, yellow DeWalt 18V Li-Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Dcf787N-Xj
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4. Angle Drills

Next up, we have angle drills. Angle drills are essentially normal drills, however, tilted 90 degrees. This allows you to get into hard to reach or small spaces easily. This tool is not as known or common in the DIY community, however, it is an amazing tool that can help get jobs done without having to get yourself in some weird shapes! In addition, if you regularly find yourself drilling or screwing between floor joists, inside cabinets, or anywhere the screws may be hard to reach with a typical drill, an angle drill could be perfect for you. This DeWalt DCD740 18v XR Cordless Right Angle Drill is a great tool. It is a part of the DeWalt XR range which focuses on extended runtime tools. In addition, the multi grip trigger provides comfort and convenience by allowing the user to operate the trigger from various positions. And, the high performance fan cooled motor allows for maximum power and durability.

Black, yellow, silver DeWalt DCD740 18v XR Cordless Right Angle Drill
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5. Diamond Drills– Cordless DeWalt Drills

Finally, we have diamond drills. Diamond drills are perfect if you need to make exact and precise cuts. If you are regularly confronted with hard materials such as bedrock, concrete, glass, or ceramic, a diamond drill could be great for you. This drill will go right through many hard materials and will leave you with perfect holes each time. In addition diamond drills are a must have tool if you are doing a home renovation or doing up some rooms as it is very efficient on masonry materials compared to a regular drill. This DeWalt D21570K Diamond Core Drill 240v is a great example. It features a two speed gearbox for increased versatility when drilling in wood, metal and concrete. In addition, the electro-mechanical clutch increases user control and protection perfectly.

Black, yellow, silver DeWalt D21570K Diamond Core Drill 240v
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We hope this blog has helped you decide which drill is right for you! Let us know in the comment what kind of projects you’re working on at the moment.

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