5 Must Have Makita Saws for Everyday DIY

3 March 2023
5 Must have Makita Saws for Everyday DIY

Makita is a major brand in the DIY and tool sector, best known for their high performance power tools. They are also compared to DeWalt very often, with the two brands being huge competitors of each other. Many people within the DIY/tool community have strong opinions on which brand is better, but it complete depends on what your needs and wants are! For this blog, we will be solely focusing on Makita saws that are great for everyday DIY, no matter what the job is. Keep reading to find out which saw is best for you!

The Main types of Makita Saws

The five main saws that Makita offer are reciprocating saws, circular saws, jigsaws, orbital jigsaws, and chainsaws. But what are the differences between them?

1. Reciprocating Makita Saw

Reciprocating saws are great for making quick cuts that do not have to be perfect or precise through most materials. However, it is important to note that a reciprocating saw is unable to make angled cuts. To get a perfect finish, you would have to put in a lot of effort and graft whilst using a reciprocating saw. In addition, reciprocating saws rarely have any kind of guard which can make handling and using them quite dangerous. However, if you are looking for a tool to cutting branches and hedges, a reciprocating saw is the best tool for you. They can also help demolish different materials, wooden furniture etc.

blue green, black, white Makita LXT 18V Cordless Reciprocating saw DJR186Z
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Check out this Makita LXT 18V Cordless Reciprocating saw DJR186Z. It is perfect for quick rough cuts through wood, metal, plastic and is great for demolition work.

2. Circular Saw– Makita Saws

Next up is circular saws. Circular saws are more accurate and smooth compared to reciprocating saws, but cutting will take longer. In addition, circular saws are more versatile and can be used for a huge range of jobs and projects including:

  • Cutting through metal, plexiglass, and granite
  • Getting straight or angular cuts in heavy dense materials
  • Getting accurate and clean-cuts in various material

Circular saws can also be used as a table saw if you rotate it upside down and attach it to a table. However, circular saws need a flat surface to work and have a tendency to overheat. They are also quite heavy and difficult to handle and control.

blue green, grey, silver, black, Makita LXT 18V 165mm Cordless Circular saw DSS611Z
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Check out this Makita LXT 18V 165mm Cordless Circular saw DSS611Z. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle with soft rubber grip to ensure comfort is maximised.

3. Makita Jigsaw

Thirdly, we have jigsaws. Jigsaws consist of a blade that moves up and down and are perfect if you need to cut awkward shapes or difficult angles. However, jigsaws can also be used in straight lines, leaving precise and accurate cuts, similar to a circular saw. In addition, many jigsaws have a feature called “pendulum.” The pendulum feature allows the blade to move back and forth as well as up and down. This allows you to have maximum control over the blade and ensures that only a small amount of the blade is in contact with the material at any point. Jigsaws are perfect for more complex jobs that require precise and specific cuts, such as cutting around a pipe.

blue green, black, silver Makita JV103D 12v Max CXT Cordless Brushless Jigsaw
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Check out this Makita JV103D 12v Max CXT Cordless Brushless Jigsaw. This jigsaw has an amazing three orbital settings plus straight cutting. In addition, it is lightweight, powerful, and comes with a soft grip ergonomic handle to increase comfort and control.

4. Makita Orbital Jigsaw

Next up, we have orbital jigsaws. Orbital jigsaws are similar to regular jigsaws, however, the blade moves slightly forward on the upstroke and slightly backward on the downstroke rather than just move up and down or side to side. This motion allows for the orbital jigsaw to cut through materials more efficiently and aggressively. However, the orbital feature creates more vibrations which can result in less control over the tool.

blue green, white, silver, black Makita 4350 FCT Orbital Jigsaw
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This Makita 4350 FCT Orbital Jigsaw comes with a light to ensure you can see exactly what you are cutting. In addition, the soft grip handle and anti-splintering device means that you can use the jigsaw for extended periods with minimal discomfort!

5. Makita Chainsaw

Finally, we have chainsaws. Although chainsaws are pretty self explanatory, you’d be surprised how many people think they are only used for tree trimming and cutting! Chainsaws can be used for everyday DIY such as kitchen cabinet alterations or creating build-ins, adding to or trimming your decking, and many woodworking projects.

blue green, black, white, silver, grey Makita DUC353Z 18V Cordless Chainsaw
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This Makita DUC353Z 18V Cordless Chainsaw is great for any woodwork project and even matches some petrol chainsaws when it comes to performance! In addition, it comes with a soft ergonomic grip to enhance comfort and control!

We hope this blog ahs helped point out the key differences between the saws that Makita offer. Let us know in the comments what saw you use the most and what projects you use them for!

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