Makita Circular Saws you need for your next Woodworking Project

3 March 2023

Makita are one of the most popular power tool brands and are well known for their high performance and efficiency. Their reputation and products make them the perfect choice for any DIY’er, especially if you regularly use power tools. In this blog, we have highlighted the best Makita circular saws that you need for your next woodworking project! Continue reading to find the right saw for you.

1. Makita Cordless Circular Saw

First up, we have cordless circular saws. Cordless circular saws are perfect for moving between jobs, or getting quick jobs done without having to be next to a power source. In addition, cordless tools have increase in efficiency and battery life over the years and can easily compete with corded tools and their ability. This Makita LXT 18V 165mm Cordless Circular saw DSS611Z is a great cordless example. It is lightweight, compact, and even comes with an LED work light. In addition, this tool comes with a blower function and electric brake which can be found on its more expensive counterpart. The DSS611Z is an ideal tool for users who need a basic, professional quality cordless circular saw and is perfect for any woodworking project.

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2. Makita Corded Circular Saw

Next up, we have corded circular saws. Corded circular saws are great for woodworking projects that take more time, or a bit more power. However, with corded tools, you obviously need a power source which can be a hassle. With the Makita 1050W 240V 165mm Corded Circular saw HS6601, you do not have to worry about being close to a power source or tugging at your cable as it has a cable length of 2.5m! This length makes it tool more practical and comfortable when using it. In addition, the HS6601 is a very large unit which is great for most jobs. Its large size allows for extended use time without having to compromise on comfort. For extra accuracy, this tool can be connected to a Makita rail, however a Makita connector is required!

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3. Makita 12v Max CXT Cordless Circular Saw

Makita’s CXT range is perfect for high performance no matter what the conditions are. Makita Circular Saws CXT range is similar to Makita’s LXT range, however they are smaller and more lightweight, making them perfect for wood working jobs that require extended use time. The smaller and lightweight CXT tools allow the user to have more control and less fatigue. In addition, the CTX tools have batteries that are equipped with overload protection circuitry and high capacity cells. This ensure that there is a stable connection, even under extreme work vibration conditions! This range was built for structural strength, durability and can be used in temperatures down to -20°C.

This Makita HS301D 12v Max CXT Cordless Circular Saw 85mm includes:

  • Makita HS301D 12v Max CXT Cordless Circular Saw
  • TCT Saw Blade
  • Hex Wrench
  • Dust Nozzle
  • Makita BL1021B 12v CXT Cordless Li-ion 2ah Battery (x2)
  • Makita DC10WD 12v CXT Battery Charger
  • Carry Case

In addition, the HS301D has a blower function that blows sawdust off the line cut, perfect for any wood work project. This tool also is high power and has an ergonomic soft grip, maximising comfort and control.

makita circular saw set
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4. Twin 18v Cordless LXT Circular Saw

Next, we have the Makita twin cordless LXT circular saw range. As mentioned above, the LXT range is is bigger and more powerful than the CXT range. This makes the LXT tools perfect for heavy duty jobs and projects that require high power. In addition, twin tools have two batteries instead of one. This allows the tool to put out higher power and results in greater performance. This Makita DHS710 Twin 18v Cordless LXT Circular Saw is a great example. The DHS710 supplies energy to a powerful 36V DC motor drive system thanks to the twin 18V batteries (which are sold separately.) In addition, this tool comes with a durable but lightweight magnesium die-cast blade case and safety cover. Similar to the HS301D seen above, the DHS710 comes with a blower function to clear wood dust from cutting line.

Blue green, silver, black makita circular saw
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5. MT Series Saw

Finally, we have Makita’s MT Series of Makita Circular Saws. The MT series is a range of tools that are more affordable and less intense than their professional grade tools. This range is perfect for people who are on a budget or only do wood working every now and again. Despite the MT series range being a lower price, the tools in the range are still reliable and durable! This Makita MT Series M5802 190mm Circular Saw is a perfect example. You can buy the M5802 for as low as £84 from our suppliers. We currently have 3 available suppliers that stock this tool, all with different prices. The M5802 features a rear angle guide for smooth and precise angle adjustment. It also comes with a handy guide rule allowing the user to make accurate, straight cuts.

black, orange, silver M5802 makita circular saw
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We hope this blog has helped you decide which of Makita’s circular saws are right for your next wood working project! Let us know what saw is right for you in the comments.

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