Top Trending Products of 2021

We have only got through 4 months of 2021; however, a HUGE number of products have been trending this year! We thought we would round up our favourite trending products of 2021, as well as predict what products we think will start trending throughout the rest of the year.

1: Air Fryers- Trending Products

Firstly, air fryers have been growing in popularity since the start of 2021. They are known for being a healthier way to cook your food. This is because they use a lot less oil than deep fryers do but have a similar result in terms of flavour. One advantage of an air fryer is that it is a lot safer than deep fryers. Air fryers do get hot, however, there is no chance of getting scalding oil spitting out of it unlike a deep fryer. This makes it a lot safer than a deep fryer as well as healthier!

Here are some of our favourite Air Fryers.

TEFAL ActiFry Advance Air Fryer from £179.00
trending products of 2021 air fryer
TOWER Vortx Air Fryer Oven from £89.99
trending products of 2021 air fryer
MORPHY RICHARDS Air Fryer from £79.99

2: Xbox Series X and PS5 Consoles

Despite both of these consoles being release in November of 2020, they have still been non stop trending throughout 2021. The Xbox Series X and the PS5 both had quite a disappointing release in terms of sales, however, the overall hype around them hasn’t died down. The PS5 has had around 4.2 million sales since November 12, and the Xbox Series X has had over 2.8 million sold since November 10.

Here we can see the blue line (PS5) is much more popular than the red line (Xbox Series X)

trending products ps5 vs xbox series x

Here are some of our top PS5 and Xbox games and accessories for trending products.

Top trending products of 2021 xbox series x
VENOM Xbox Series X Twin Rechargeable Battery Packs from £12.99
top trending products of 2021 xbox series x
VENOM Xbox Series X/S Twin Docking Station from £19.99
top trending products of 2021 xbox series x fifa 21

XBOX FIFA 21 – Xbox Series X from £54.99
top trending products of 2021
HYPERX Cloud PS4 & PS5 Gaming Headset from £49.99
PS5 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War from £54.99
PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller & Venom Twin Docking Station Bundle from £69.99

3: Whipped Iced Coffee (Dalgona)

The whipped coffee trend originally started back in 2020 around April time. This trend was huge on social media and gained a lot of attention, especially since it was during the first lockdown. Since then, the trend has been decreasing over time. However, recently it has become popular again which is most likely due to the Spring/ Summer weather coming in. This could also be because people are starting to have a “reminiscent” feeling back to the first lockdown.

These are some products you can use to create your own Whipped Ice Coffee.

top trending products of 2021 coffee grinder
DELONGHI Electric Coffee Grinder from £49.99
top trending products of 2021 coffee beans
STARBUCKS Single-Origin Colombia Ground Coffee – 200 g from £3.50
top trending products of 2021 coffee beans
STARBUCKS Blonde Espresso Roast Coffee Beans – 200g from £3.50

4: Wireless Earphones- Trending Products

Wireless earphones are another product that has more recently started to trend again. This may be due to the upcoming potential release of the Apple AirPod Pro 2 wireless earphones. Wireless earphones are a definite essential when it comes to tech. There are a huge range of different styles and specs when it comes to wireless earphones. You no longer have to unravel your earphones every time you need to use them as their wireless counterpart take away that hassle. A lot of people are put off of wireless earphones as they think they are too expensive, will fall out of their ears, or that they will run out of charge easily. We can assure you that with the majority of wireless earphones, these issues aren’t present. However, you may have to try a few to find your perfect pair, just the same as wired earphones!

Check out some of our favourite Wireless Earphones and accessories.

APPLE AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case from £215.00
XQISIT Apple AirPods Pro Case from £12.99
BELKIN 3-in-1 Wireless Charger for Apple products from £99.99
BOSE Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from £179.00
APPLE AirPods with Charging Case (2nd generation) from £125.00
XQISIT Apple AirPods Silicone Case from £12.99
Samsung Wireless Earphones Black from £89.00
Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earphones from £49.99
SkullCandy Smokin Buds 2 Wireless Earphones from £29.99

5: Face Masks- Trending Products

What would a trending products blog be if it didn’t include face masks? Of course face masks or face coverings are a huge trending product at the moment! With businesses beginning to open again and lockdown restrictions begin eased, people are wanting to make sure they have their face masks at the ready. In July 2020, there was a huge spike in the number of searches for face masks as this was when amenities such as pubs and tattoo parlours were able to open as “normal” again. It looks like the same thing will happen this year as we come out of lockdown once again.

trending products of 2021 face mask evaluation July 2020

Some of our top face masks.

3 Ply CE Certified Protective Face Mask – Pack of 5 from £10.00
Hadley Professional Protective Face Mask – 1 Mask from £2.20

Up and Coming Trending Products!

In addition to the current and past trends of 20201, we have a few products that we believe will definitely be on the rise throughout the rest of 2021. We have had a look at our own trending products too!

1: Hot Tubs- Trending Products

Firstly, hot tubs have been on the up and up when it comes to interest in products. We believe that in the Summer of 2021, hot tubs will be added to the list of trending products as they are perfect for Summer nights and will be great for outdoor get togethers!

Here is our most popular Hot Tubs!

Lay-Z-Spa Saint Lucia Airjet 3 person Hot tub from £279.00
Lay-Z-Spa Paris 4 person Hot tub from £538.00
Lay-Z Spa Vegas 4-6 Person AirJet Hot Tub from £472.00

2: Pressure Washers

Secondly, pressure washers have gained a lot of interest over the past few months and a few have been in our top 10 most popular products. We believe that this will only increase once we are in the warmer Summer months!

Check out our top pressure washers!

BOSCH EasyAquatak 110 Pressure Washer from £69.99
Karcher K2 Corded Pressure washer 1.4kW from £105.00
Karcher K4 Corded Pressure washer 1.8kW from £175.00

3: iPads

Finally, iPads have been growing in popularity and have been gaining a lot of interest on our site. This is not much of a surprise as they are a definite essential when it comes to your tech collection!

Here are our most popular options.

11″ iPad Pro (2020) Cellular – 512 GB, Space Grey from £1219.00
12.9″ iPad Pro (2020) – 128 GB, Space Grey £912.00
11″ iPad Pro Cellular (2018) – 256 GB, Space Grey from £698.97
10.5″ iPad Air Cellular (2019) – 256 GB, Gold from £688.00
7.9″ iPad mini 5 (2019) – 64 GB, Gold from £379.97
10.2″ iPad (2020) – 32 GB, Gold from £329.00

We hope this guide gave you an insight on the top trending products of 2021, and the potential new trending products! Let us know in the comments if we have forgotten any other trending items.

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