Golfing Essentials- Must Haves

12 April 2021

With Summer and the good weather coming soon, we know you’ll be wanting to get back to golfing ASAP! That is why we have put together a list of our top 10 golfing essentials that you need to make your golfing experience the best it can be. Whether you’re a newbie to golf that needs the basics, or a veteran that wants a bit of an upgrade, we have something for you!

1: Golfing Smartwatch

Firstly, one of the essentials you should have on all of your golfing trips is a smartwatch. Not only does a smartwatch come with a huge range of features that you can use day to day, like contactless payment, health tracking, and smartphone notifications, but golfing smartwatches specifically can help you improve your game. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition you can not only do all of the above, but can also measure distances, view the green you are playing on, as well as see predicted shot locations. In addition, this smartwatch also comes with a global course maps and a range of features to improve your game. This makes it the perfect smartwatch when it comes to golfing. It also has a 2 day battery life so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice!

Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition SAMSUNG- Pink Gold
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition & Qi Wireless Duo Charging Pad Bundle, Pink
Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition SAMSUNG- Aqua Black
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition & Qi Wireless Duo Charging Pad Bundle, Aqua

2: Umbrella

Secondly, an umbrella is always handy to have with you on your golfing trip. Although you may not plan to go golfing whilst it’s raining, we all know that the weather can change in an instant. That is why we recommend taking a good sized umbrella with you whenever you go golfing, just in case the weather changes quickly!

Surprize Ladies Golf Umbrella – Black
Surprize Ladies Golf Umbrella – Pink
Ping Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella
Motocaddy Clearview Golf Umbrella

3: Golf Balls- Golfing Essentials

Thirdly, a very obvious essential is golf balls! It would be very difficult to play golf without the golf balls of course. We always recommend taking a few golf balls with you in case you misplace or lose them. In addition, we would also recommend using bright coloured golf balls so that they are easy to see and find on the green.

TaylorMade 2020 Soft Response Golf Balls (Doz)
Volvik Vivid XT Green Golf Balls – 1 Doz
Tour Soft Yellow Golf Balls 2020 Titleist – Doz
Velocity Orange Golf Balls 2020 Titleist – Doz
Srixon 2020 Z-Star XV (6) Yellow Golf Balls (dozen)
Velocity Pink Golf Balls 2020 Titleist – Doz

4: Golf Grips

Next, we have golf grips! Golf grips are essential when it comes to your game. Your shot can differ depending on the size of the grip. According to a study, using the wrong grip can cost you up to 5 points per round! That is why it is so important to find the perfect grip for you. This grip guide will help you find out what size you need to play your best.

Tour Velvet ALIGN Midsize Golf Grip – Golf Pride
CP2 Pro/Wrap Golf Grips – Golf Pride
New Decade Multicompound Cord Grips – Golf Pride
Niion Neon Golf Grips, Ribbed – Golf Pride

5: Golf Shoes- Golfing Essentials

Golf shoes can be quite controversial as some people question whether you even need them. However, we think that golf shoes are a definite essential as they can complete change your game. Golf shoes are a lot more stable and sturdy compared to your regular trainers and are able to adapt to different terrains. In addition, they are also a lot more flexible. This all helps you in your game overall as you will be more stable and have a better stance.

2020 MAX – FAIRWAY 2 Golf Shoes – Skechers
Mens 2020 TORQUE TWIST Golf Shoes – Skechers
2020 Ladies MAX – MOJO Golf shoes – Skechers
Footjoy 2018 DRYJOYS TOUR Golf Shoes – Black/Croc
Puma 2020 OG Golf Shoes – White
Puma 2020 Ignite NXT PRO Golf Shoes – Black/White

6: Glove- Golfing Essentials

Golfing gloves are very important when it comes to your game. The main purpose of them is to make sure that you get a proper grip of the golf club. This can be difficult if the club is wet or if the golfer’s hands are sweaty, which is why a glove is always useful. In addition to this, the overall grip that you get of the club can be better as it reduces the chance of you gripping too hard and having a bad swing.

Under Armour ColdGear Golf Glove – Black/Steel
Under Armour Medal Golf Glove – White/Navy
Titleist Players Golf Glove – White
Ping 2020 Tour White Golf Glove
Stuburt 2017 Urban All Weather Golf Glove
Bionic All Weather Mens Golf Glove

7: LazerOptix Golf Rangefinder

This product is a definite essential, especially if you are more of a competitive player. The LazerOptix Golf Rangefinder gives you an accurate distance between you and the flag, compensating for slopes. In addition, the scan mode allows you to range multiple targets without having to reactivate the laser for each target.

8: Golf Bag

Golf bags are great for carrying not only you clubs, but all of your other golfing essentials. We recommend getting a waterproof/ water resistant one just in case of rain. This means that even if it does rain, all of your golfing equipment will keep dry and not get ruined.

Miura by Vessel Limited Edition Tour Staff Golf Bag
Callaway 2020 Cart Golf Bag CHEV DRY 14 RYL/BLK
Titleist 2020 Carry Hthr Nvy Golf Bag
TaylorMade 2021 Cart Lite Golf Bag Black/Lime

9: Golf Headcovers

Headcovers are an essential as they keep your clubs clean and safe from scratches/ dents. However, you must ensure that before putting on the headcover to clean and dry you club. This will prevent any kind of rusting from happening over time. Headcovers are also a way of showing off your style and humour as you can get a huge range of funky and funny covers!

Hybrid Golf Headcover – Gopher
Hybrid Golf Headcover – Bat
Raccoon Novelty Golf Headcover
Daphne’s Squirrel Novelty Golf Headcover
Daphne’s Pug Novelty Golf Headcover
Giraffe Novelty Golf Headcover

10: Golf Tees

Golfing tees are an essential as they can result in a better shot compared to hitting the ball straight off of the ground. The height of the tee also matters. You should always try to keep your tee as low to the ground as you can, especially if you are using a driver. Tees can break quite easily which is why you should always make sure you have spares.

Lignum 2 3/4in Pack 16 Golf Tees – Flying Purple
3/4in Pack 16 Golf Tees – Hitting Green
3/4in Pack 16 Golf Tees – Driving Blue
Lignum 2 3/4in Pack 16 Golf Tees – Punch Pink

We hope this guide has helped you find some golfing equipment or gave you an idea of what you were missing in your kit! Let us know in the comments if you think we missed anything.

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