Easter Egg Decoration Ideas for 2021

Easter is less than a week away, and with most businesses still closed, there is not much to do over the weekend. That is why we have put together a list of ways that you can decorate an Easter egg or two at home. This is great for everyone and is very easy to do. It is also the perfect way to celebrate the weekend safely!

Easter egg in basket

1: Tape

Firstly, a very easy way to decorate eggs for Easter is with tape. You can use washi tape or any kind or coloured tape to decorate your eggs. A great way to use the tape is by cutting out shapes and sticking them on to your eggs. For example, you could make your egg look like a chick or a bunny with only tape!

Tape Easter Egg Decoration

Here is some tape that we recommend:

Brown Electrical Tape

2: Coloured Paint

Secondly, paint is always a go-to when it comes to decorating eggs for Easter. It can be a bit messy but is very fun and entertaining, especially if you have kids. The possibilities are endless with paint, we love the look of this design!

Painted Easter egg decoration

Resources you can use for this design on your Easter egg:

Paint Brush set

3: Chalk Marker

Chalk Markers are a great way to decorate your eggs. As well as by itself, you can can use them on top of paint. Unlike paint, this design method is mess-free and is easy to do. This design is one of our favourites!

Easter egg and tulips

Recommended chalk marker:

chalk marker for Easter egg decorating
Chalk Marker 4 pack

4: Artificial Grass

In addition to Chalk Markers, another unique way to decorate your eggs for Easter is with artificial grass. It may sound a bit odd, however, the end result is very interesting. All you have to do if cut out the shape you want from the grass and stick it on. Not only does using artificial grass bring a nature look to your eggs, it also will make sure that your eggs are completely different to everyone else’s!

Easter egg in grass

Here is some artificial grass samples that you can use to create this design:

Maple- Artificial Grass

5: Glow in the Dark Paint for Easter Egg Decoration

Finally, glow in the dark paint is a very fun and exciting way to decorate your eggs! Using glow in the dark paint puts a little twist to the eggs rather than normal paint. This design would be great to do for an Easter egg hunt at night! For example, you could paint your egg with the glow in the dark paint, and then mark over them to create a design that you can see perfectly in the dark.

Easter egg glow in the dark paint

Two of our favourite glow in the dark paints:

Glow in the Dark- Blue

Additional ways you can decorate your Easter egg are:

  • Firstly, nail polish. If you don’t have any spare money or paint you can use any kind of nail polish to paint on to your eggs. Coupled with nail varnish remover or acetone, nail polish can be used to create a marbled effect on your egg.
  • Secondly, stickers. These are a super easy way to decorate your eggs and are mess free, which is great if you have young kids.
  • Glitter. Glitter and glue are all you need to make your eggs sparkle! However, this can be very messy, but the end result is worth it.
  • In addition to glitter, felt tip pens are a great way to decorate your Easter egg. This is a simple way to make your eggs colourful.
  • Finally, food colouring. If you are looking for a more unique look for your eggs, food dye is a perfect item to use. You can create an Ombré effect by changing the amount of food dye drops you use in each water cup. In addition to the Ombré design, you could use food dye and shaving cream mixed together to create a galaxy effect on your Easter egg!
Easter egg painted metallic

Lastly, we hope this guide has helped inspire you for when you decorate your own Easter eggs. Let us know in the comments what kind of design you will be doing this year!

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