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NINTENDO SWITCH Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!


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EAN: 0045496423155

Brand: Nintendo

Discover an exciting new world of Pokémon featuring all your favourite friends with Nintendo Switch Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!If you were a fan of the classic Pokémon games, you can experience the original thrills and catch em all on Nintendo Switch. With beautiful HD graphics that will bring all your best loved characters to life in a new way, get stuck in to a new saga that will keep even the most seasoned Trainers on their toes.With two-player simultaneous play, you and a friend can team up and enjoy the adventure together. Throw Poké Balls together when you find a Pokémon to boost your chances of successfully catching them, or have a friend lend a hand by joining you in battles against other Trainers.Any Pokémon you originally discovered in the Kanto region of Pokémon GO can be brought into the new Switch game, so there will always be plenty to discover and new adventures waiting. Whether you're a long time fan or you're just taking your first steps into the world of Pokémon, everyone can embark on an exciting new journey.

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