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Multi-function Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar with Adjustable Height


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GTIN: 9331486510037

Brand: HomeFitnessCode

Humanized Armrest Design The armrest is tilted 10 degrees inward to prevent the arm from slipping out while you workout. It keeps your arm in place, reducing the risk of accidents and discomfort. Adjustable Height With 6 adjustable height levels of the pull up bar, the height of pull up bar can be adjusted from 175cm to 240cm. You can fully extend the legs down. The lowest level is designed for children and the power tower is suitable for a whole family workout. Safe and Comfortable High-quality arm and back cushions made of breathable odorless PU Leather, which give users a fully concentrated, comfortable workout without worrying about any unnecessary strain during exercise. Ergonomic Design The triangular bracket has a stable structure at the cantilevered joint, and a safety lock nut is used on the screw, so it is more stable and safe. The anti-bending and anti-tilting backrest can be adjusted forward or backward in 5 positions, which improves the efficiency of home fitness. Specifications Product Type: Dip Station Color: Black Material: Steel Product Dimensions: 102 x 85 x 204.5cm (40 x 33 x 80.5 inch) Max. Weight Capacity: 330 pounds (150kg) Height Adjustable: 175cm to 240cm ( 68 to 94inches) Seasons: Continuity Usage: Pull ups, push ups, chin ups, tricep dips, pull rope,ab raises, knee raises, leg raises, etc.

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