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Crompton 78mm Halogen R7 Linear Bulb - 120W


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EAN: 5018986533455

Brand: Crompton

These 78mm Linear Energy Saving Halogen Lamps from Crompton are available in a range of wattages such as 80 Watt or 120 Watt. These R7s cap bulbs are ideal for use in commercial display applications or for use with floodlights as they offer excellent lumen, instant illumination and high colour rendition. The lamps in this range are 2800K Warm White Bulbs in a clear finish with a 1400-8550 initial lumen output, and are equivalant to a 100W-500W output of a traditional incandescent bulb, saving energy and performing to a high standard. These bulbs have been tested up to 2000 hours of life, and feature Crompton UV Stop glass technology. Main Features: Energy Efficient Linear Halogen Bulb 78mm Length R7s Cap Clear Finish Dimmable Long 2000 Hour Life Internally Fused For Safety Wattage 80W 120W Eqv. Wattage 100W 150W Lumens 1400 2250 Technical Specification: Voltage: 240V Bulb Cap: R7s Colour Temperature: 2800°K Warm White Dimensions: 12mm Dia. 78mm Length Energy Rating: C Lifespan: 2000 Hours Fused: Yes Finish: Clear Note: The switch-on surge of a mains voltage halogen lamp is higher than that of an incandescent lamp and hence it may be necessary to reduce the total wattage per circuit to avoid nuisance tripping of associated breakers. The use of dimmers will increase this problem and, in extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to reduce the installed wattage by 50% of the breaker’s rate capacity. If unsure, contact a qualified electrician.

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