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TASSIMO Costa Cappuccino T Discs - Pack of 8, Silver/Grey


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EAN: 8711000500163

Brand: Tassimo

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in next to no time with Tassimo Costa Cappuccino T Discs 8 pack.Authentic Costa tasteEach Tassimo T DISC is made from a specially-crafted blend of coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection so that you can enjoy the distinctive and authentic flavour of Costa espresso-based cappuccino.These top-class coffee pods have been made for exclusive use with the Tassimo machine.The perfect coffee momentDraw a steaming, aromatic beverage with Tassimo Cappuccino pods by simply inserting one of the T DISCs into your Tassimo machine to generate a cup of rich, flavoursome espresso topped with velvety frothy milk.All that's left is to add a sprinkle of chocolate powder to complete the drink, sit back and enjoy the taste of Costa in your own home.Tassimo Costa Cappuccino T Discs bring coffee-house excellence to your kitchen.

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