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Bondloc B222 Screwlock Low Strength Threadlocking Sealant


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EAN: 5002221020022

Brand: Bondloc

Bondloc B222 Screwlock is a Thixotropic anaerobic threadlocker of low strength designed for easy disassembly of treated components. B222’s Anaerobic nature allows it to cure only when confined between metal parts. Applications include all small fasteners, where vibration loosening prevention and non-leakage through threaded fastening is required. Ideal on small set screws, brass and most types of small threaded nuts, bolts, screws, hex and slot driven components including keyed fasteners etc. Specifications: Resin: DimethacrylateColour: Purple White tintCure speed with Activator: 100°CShelf Life: 12 months @ 20°CSpecific Gravity: 1.06 Cured performance: Full Cure Time: 12 hours @ 20°CTypical Strength: ISO 10964: 6Nm M10’sRange of Strength: Breakaway: 4Nm up to 12Nm, Prevailing: 2Nm up to 6 NmDIN 54454 Breakloose: 10Nm max 20NmDIN 54454 Prevailing: 6Nm up to 20NmBondloc Screwlock Low Strength Threadlocker Size: 10ml.Additional Information:Type: Low StrengthSize: 10ml

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