Top 10 Cute Halloween Costumes for Pets

22 September 2022

Halloween is creeping up on us very quickly this year, and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than dress up your cat or pup? We have put together a list of our favourite Halloween costumes that are perfect for your pets. Don’t forget to send us your Halloween pet photos on social media @FairwayrockHQ or email us at [email protected]

Dog dreeses up as a ghost surrounded by pumpkins and lanterns

Halloween Costumes for Cats

Looking to treat your kitty cat to a cute new costume this Halloween? Look no further, we have got 5 of our favourite costumes below for you! We know it can be a bit difficult getting cats to cooperate with costumes, so we have picked out a few “easy to put on” ones too.

1. Witch Halloween Costume for Cats

First up we have this Witch costume. This is one of the easier costumes to put on as it is essentially a collar and a hat. This costume is suitable for most cats and is a one size fits all. However, if your cat is very small or a kitten, you could check out this alternative.

2. Bat Halloween Costumes for Cats

Next, we have the adorable Bat costume! This costume is great as it is easily adjustable and removable. The costume is held together with Velcro, meaning the cat can easily get out of it easily if it feels uncomfortable or upset.

Bat Halloween Costume for cats. Halloween Costumes for Pets
Bat Cat Halloween Costume

3. Wizard Costume for Cats

Thirdly, we have this cute little Wizard cape! This set includes a cape and a hat for you cat to flaunt. The material is soft and lightweight and should be one of the easier to put on costumes out of our list. In addition, the hat has an adjustable buckle allowing you to set it to an appropriate size for your cat.

Wizard Cat Halloween Costume

4. Bunny Costume for Cats

Next, we have this adorable bunny ear hat! This hat is one of the cutest costumes we have and is bound to have everyone’s attention on your cat. The costume is suitable for pets that are 6 pounds or under due to the size of the headband.

Bunny Cat Halloween Costume

5. Pumpkin Costumes for Cats

Finally, we have this cute little pumpkin themed outfit. In this set, you get an adorable pumpkin collar and an orange hat with a bat on it. The collar is a pop-off collar which allows the cat to remove the collar quickly if they get stuck in any way.

Pumpkin Cat Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Of course, we have dog Halloween costumes! However, the costumes above may also be able to fit your dog if they are a smaller breed. Below are five of our favourite dog Halloween costumes that are certain to make everyone swoon over your pup!

1. Bat Halloween Costume for Dogs

Firstly, we have this adorable hoodie-like costume that resembles a bat. This costume is super soft and can even help keep your dog warm in the Winter months. Flip the hood up to show off the cute bat-like face and ears!

Bat Dog Halloween Costume

2. Cowboy Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Next, we have this hilarious cowboy Halloween costume. This costume is easily adjustable and cut fit a range of dog including Pugs, Maltese, Jack Russell Terriers, French Bulldogs etc. In addition, this costume is guaranteed to get some laughs!

Cowboy Dog Halloween Costume

3. Pirate Costume for Dogs

This pirate costume is both adorable and hilarious! This set comes with a main body outfit as well as a hat. The main body outfit features a funny little hook and famous pirate clothing. In addition, this outfit can also be worn by cats! This costume is a real head turner that’s for sure!

Pirate Dog Halloween Costume

4. Spider Halloween Costume for Dogs

Next, we have this spooky spider costume! This outfit is definitely more of a scary costume compared to the other ones on this list. However, we think it looks great and is the perfect balance of spooky and cute. In addition, this costume works best on dogs with darker fur.

5. Halloween Shirts for Pets

Finally, we have a range of different Halloween shirts that are perfect for dressing up your pet to fit in with the spooky season. Choose between 9 different outfits for your pet that just ooze cuteness!

Dog Halloween Shirt Pet T Shirt Dog Pet Clothes Pet Halloween Clothes Halloween Costume Dog Shirts
Assortment of Halloween Shirts

We hope this blog has helped you decide on what to dress your pet up as for Halloween! Let us know in the comments which costume is your favourite.

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