Home Office Ideas to Boost Productivity

Many of us have been working from home due to the pandemic, and remote working looks to continue for some of us into the future. So having an attractive work space that helps boost our productivity is essential. Here are some ideas for your home office to increase your happiness and productivity!

home office productivity

Add some greenery

Adding plants to your office space doesn’t just add a nice piece of decor, a UK study has also found that plants in the workplace increased workers productivity by 15%! If you aren’t great at caring for plants, some low maintenance ones you can try are English ivy, yucca, aloe plant, spider plant and peace lily. These all require minimal watering so are ideal if you are forgetful at watering your plants!

Consider your colour scheme

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It is also important to consider what colour scheme you have in your home office. Colours have been shown to have an impact on our mood and of course on our productivity levels. You can do a bit of research on colour psychology and choose a colour based on what kind of job you do. For example, light blue shades are good for jobs that require a lot of thinking as it is a calming and soothing colour which reduces mental strain. And green shades can be great if you work long hours as it tends to be easiest on your eyes and doesn’t require a lot of adjustment. This relieves tiredness and makes you more productive.

Let the light in

There is nothing worse than working in a dark or dimly lit room. This is bound to make you feel tired and can cause eye strain and headaches. A bright workspace has also been shown to lessen tiredness and boost mood. Placing your desk near a window as a source of natural light is ideal. If this isn’t possible, you will want to make sure your lighting is sufficient so that you aren’t straining your eyes. You may want to consider getting a desk lamp if you don’t already have one. This GROOV-E Ares LED Desk Lamp is a good option. It has a built-in charging pad and clock, and it has five brightness levels and three lighting modes to suit you.

You can also consider getting a smart bulb. This LIFX Mini White Smart Bulb which automatically adjusts the lighting level throughout the day. You can control it through an app or through voice command if you have a smart speaker.

Invest in an office chair

For productivity the main thing is that you are comfortable, so it is essential that you have an ergonomic office chair that supports your back. You may have been put off purchasing one but they are definitely worth the investment, and much better for you than working from your bed or using your kitchen chair. Something like this TEKNIK Mesh Reclining Executive Chair is ideal as it has adjustable height and tilt, as well as adjustable headrest and arm rests. This allows you to get the most comfortable working position.

Get your files in order

Having pieces of paper strewn all over your desk is one way to make you feel unorganised and overwhelmed. So if your job requires a lot of paperwork, you’ll want to invest in some storage to keep these in order and out of the way. If you have sufficient space, you can invest in a filing cabinet which are able to store a lot of files. If you are working with a smaller space, you can opt for a paper tray or a shelving solution.

Tidy up your desk

A tidy desk means a tidy mind! If your stationary is laid all over your desk, then consider buying a desk tidy to get things organised. Something like this desk tidy is ideal. This will help you feel organised and in turn, more productive.

Have your tasks in view

Being productive also relies on you prioritising and knowing exactly what you need to get done each day. You can buy a white board or calendar for your wall that lays out your tasks for the day to make sure you stay on track! This will help you to block your time and make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed or forget to do any important tasks.

Add inspirational art

Adding wall art can help to inspire you and boost your creativity. It may seem cliché, but you can also add some inspirational quotes to your wall. Find some quotes that really relate to you and make you feel motivated! This can help boost your productivity when you may start to feel a bit distracted or burnt out. You could also make your own wall art if you are artistic.

Add the right scent

One thing that many people forget is that your sense of smell can play a role in your mood and impact your productivity. Adding a candle or diffuser to your home office can make a difference, but think about which scent you pick. For example, peppermint is good for helping you to stay focussed on your work. Cinnamon is also a great choice for sharpening the mind. And of course make sure that it is not too overpowering.

Don’t forget personal touches

Creating a productive home office space doesn’t mean that you should leave out personalisation element. In fact, adding personal touches can boost productivity too! You don’t want things to get too cluttered or distracting, but adding a few family photos works well.

We hope that this blog has given you some home office ideas to help you boost your productivity! Let us know in the comments if there are any ideas you want to share!

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