3 Simple home improvements that will transform your space

10 July 2021

Is your home looking a bit dull and in need of a freshen up? We’ve got you! We have put together 3 simple home improvements that will transform your home completely. In addition to transforming your home, these tips will also not break the bank, as you can transform your home without having to spend money on new expensive furniture and decorations!

Paint Pot

1: Replace outdated colour schemes and decorations

Firstly, different colours, patterns, and items can become outdated quickly due to trends changing constantly. One way to improve your home is by getting rid of your outdated decorations, changing your colour scheme, or replacing old patterns with new ones. A simple way to do this is by replacing items such as rugs, curtains, bedding covers or cushions. By replacing these items with a more updated version, you can completely transform your home without having to spend fortune replacing your furniture.

Decor transformation

2: Change up your lighting- Home Improvements

Secondly, changing up your lighting can completely transform your home. By adding a light strip, or even a statement lamp, your whole home’s vibe and atmosphere can be transformed. Furthermore, you may want to change your bright white lighting for a warmer yellow toned light if you wish to have a more homely feel. Another way you can improve your home through lighting is by adding in some customisable lighting. You can do this by having a simple light strip, colour changing light bulbs, or even with a neon sign.

Home Improvements- LED
Ambiance Smart LED Lightstrip Plus Extension

Home Improvements- LED

Status 6 Multi-Purpose LED Lights

Home Improvements- LEDPHILIPS HUE Bluetooth LED Bulb

3: Mirror Mirror- Home Improvements

Finally, by having mirrors around your home, you will brighten up your space and make it looks larger. If you have a darker area of your home or a wall that looks bare, placing a mirror in these areas can transform your space completely. This will help bright more light to these darker areas, and make them look more open and inviting to guests.

Home Improvements- Mirror
Rectangular Illuminated Bathroom mirror

Home Improvements- Mirror

Colours Clear Square Frameless Mirror 

Home Improvements- Mirror

Colours Thorne Arch Framed Mirror

Home Improvements- Mirror

Rectangular Framed Mirror

Rectangular Illuminated mirror 

We hope this blog has given you a few ideas on how to transform your home! Let us know what you plan to do to transform your home in the comments.

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