Outdoor lighting ideas to illuminate your garden

16 June 2021

With the warmer weather finally here, you’ll probably be spending a lot more time outdoors and in your garden. In this blog we highlight some great outdoor lighting ideas to brighten up your garden for those summer nights and get togethers!

Spike Lights

Spike lights are a great outdoor lighting idea if you are looking for something that is easy and quick to install. You simply push them into the ground, you just need to ensure that the ground isn’t too soft or they may not stay in place. You can buy multiple and arrange them around your garden however you please.

This KnightsBridge 50W GU10 IP54 Adjustable Spike & Wall Garden Light is a good multi-purpose option. You can use it both as a spike light and a wall light, and it comes with 3 metres of wiring. You can rotate these lights 360 degrees, and tilt at 130 degree angles so that you can get the perfect arrangement for your garden! If you prefer something solar powered, then this pack of 4 Blooma Kitmat Polished Silver effect Solar-powered LED Outdoor Spike light is ideal. It is simple to install without any wiring, and a full charge will last between 6 and 8 hours! You also don’t need to worry about turning these on as they start automatically at night.

Knightsbridge Adjustable Spike
Blooma Kitmat LED Spike

Another fun option is this Solar Garden Torch, which you can install easily with the ground spike. It has lovely dancing LED flames and can light up for 12 hours after a full charge!

outdoor lighting ideas
Solar Garden Torch

Outdoor Table Lamps

Outdoor table lamps are an ideal outdoor lighting idea if you plan on doing some outdoor dining, or having people over for a BBQ in the evenings! This Blooma Elgini Black & white Solar-powered LED Outdoor Table lamp is a simple yet effective option. It has a dimmable LED light and is solar powered, which is perfect if you don’t have a socket within reach. The fully-charged run-time is about 6 hours, plenty for your outdoor meals!

outdoor lighting ideas
Blooma Elgini Outdoor Table Lamp

If you want something for more decorative purposes, this Matt Black Solar-powered LED Table lamp is perfect. These don’t provide very bright light, but they give a lovely warm glow to give your garden that warm and welcoming feel!

outdoor lighting ideas
Matt Black Solar Table Lamp

Lamp Post Lights

Lamp post lights give your garden a classic feel and are great for positioning at your front door! This Fumagalli Noemi Traditional Black Garden Lantern On Gigi Lamp Post is a great option. It is sturdy and made of a strong resin material, meaning you don’t need to worry about it rusting over time! This lamp is also shockproof and self-extinguishing so you can be assured that there are no safety issues.

outdoor lighting ideas
Fumagalli Noemi Lamp Post

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are a practical way you can brighten up your garden! There are a lot of different styles to choose from to suit your exterior. If you want something more modern, then this Blooma Standstead Silver effect Mains-powered LED Outdoor Wall light is great. It has a modern silver finish to give your garden a classy look, and it gives off a good bright light. You can also consider this Blooma Gambell Matt Charcoal grey Mains-powered LED Outdoor Wall light as another style option. This is great if you want a minimal but stylish option, that gives great brightness!

Blooma Standstead Wall Light

Blooma Gambell Wall Light

If you want a more classic look, then lantern-style wall lights like this Blooma Newtok Matt Black Mains-powered Halogen Outdoor Lantern Wall light is perfect.

outdoor lighting ideas
Blooma Newtok Lantern Wall Light

Lantern Lights

Lantern lights are a great way for you to decorate your garden whilst adding some light too! They give a lovely cosy vibe and you can place them wherever you like! This Black Solar-powered LED Outdoor Lantern is ideal, with 30 LED wire lights on the inside, and 8 hours run-time! It’s solar, so just place it in a sunny spot to charge it up!

outdoor lighting ideas
Black Solar Outdoor Lantern

Solar Animal Lights

Are you are looking for a bit of light combined with some decorative cuteness? Then animal solar lights are perfect! This GardenKraft Solar Pelican Decoration is super cute and summery! You can also buy small animal ornaments with light-up solar eyes, like this Painted Brown & White Owl Solar-powered Light. You can dot these around your garden to create a woodland theme whilst adding some light.

GardenKraft Solar Pelican
Painted Owl Solar Light

String Lights

One of the most simple outdoor lighting ideas is string lights. String lights, also known as fairy lights, are a simple yet great way to bring a bit of light to your garden and give it a beautiful and inviting feel for evening and late-night get togethers! You can go for simple white lights like these 100 White LED String Lights. Or you can go for multi-coloured lights like these if you want to spice it up. You can use string lights to hang on your fence, gazebo, or wrap them around trees in your garden!

White LED String Lights
Multicolour String Lights

If you fancy a bit of DIY, check out our blog where we show you how to create your own outdoor fairy orb lights!

We hope this blog has gave you some great outdoor lighting ideas to make your garden look bright and cosy!

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