New Novel: The Disappearing Scotsman

We spoke to Graeme Richardson, author of The Disappearing Scotsman, to find out a little more about his new novel. The story is inspired by Graeme’s own experiences, from his adventures in the Royal Air Force to rebuilding his mental and physical wellbeing.

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The Disappearing Scotsman novel

What is the book about?

The book is a work of fiction but also based on truth, following the life of the main character Joe Russell. Your narrator Bestie will transport you across the UK, Europe and even as far as India as you read through the exciting novel. Discover lessons, a journey of personal discovery, and overcoming mental health challenges. From Royal Air Force to Rock n Roll to recovery room, this rollercoaster tale charts all of the ups and downs that careers in the military and the music industry could have to offer. And the challenges faced when it all spectacularly implodes.

More than ‘just a book’…

We quickly learned that there was more to the story than Joe’s life when we got to catch up with Graeme. The book has a theme of finding purpose and improving wellbeing both mentally and physically. This was the springboard for the launch of a community called Force Forward.

How is Force Forward Making A Difference?

After leaving the military with its structure and discipline, Graeme struggled to find a sense of purpose in his life. He wasn’t the only one, as a lot of his family, friends and ex-colleagues found themselves facing similar experiences.

Force Forward was set up to be an engaged community of people supporting and encouraging each other. As a result, they working to find direction in their lives once more.

From this platform, Graeme can do some coaching and set challenges. As a result, he’s seeing improvement to the physical and mental shape of those in the community! It has been really encouraging for him as he sees people sharing their stories.

An example of the challenges he sets is Cold Water Exposure. Even just a few seconds in the shower each morning can make a difference. He also encourages the community to embrace the outdoors and become active. Finally, he makes sure they are getting proper sleep and eating well.

Therefore The Disappearing Scotsman has been a real journey! The most important part has been revisiting and finding both Graeme’s own purpose, and the purpose of those he gets to meet!

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