Top products that will help make your business COVID safe

30 April 2021

With the May Day holiday and weekend coming up, it is certain that most business will be open to a fair few visitors. However, with COVID still being around, you must make sure you stick to the guidelines and keep yourself and your customers as safe as possible. That is why at Fairwayrock, we have decided to make a short blog on essential items and tips that you need that will keep your business COVID safe.

1: Social Distancing

Social distancing is very important when it comes to following Government guidelines and keeping everyone safe. There should always be at least a 1-2 metre distance between customers. This includes in queues, tables, waiting areas etc. In regards to restaurants and pubs, there is also a maximum of 6 people from 3 different households allowed at one table outside and a maximum of 4 people from 2 households inside. To encourage customers to follow these guidelines, make sure to have clear signs reminding them to keep to the social distancing rules. You can do this by having markers on the floor indicating the 1m distance, having a one way system, and having clear signage throughout your business.

COVID Safe distancing
Social Distance Floor Markers, 2m Apart
Social Distance Floor Marker Kit
Stay 2m Apart Mat
Please Keep 2m
Safe Route One Way
Stop, Keep Your Distance

2: Keep it clean

Possibly the most important thing to remember is to keep everything in your premise clean. You should be cleaning touchpoints such as door handles, railings, and buttons regularly. This will help get rid of any germs or possible COVID particles and keep everyone safe. In regards to hospitality, once a customer has finished in a certain area, whether it be a table, room, or seat, make sure to clean and wipe down the area so that it is clean and ready for the next customer to use. This will help prevent the spread of any nasty bugs and of course COVID.

Quick Cart Large COVID Safe
Quick Cart Large
Anti bacterial Multi-surface Cleaning spray
Vitrex 3 Piece Washboy kit
Flash Clean & Bleach Cleaning spray
White Cleaning Dish Cloths
Cleaning Duster Cloths

3: Hand sanitiser- Stay COVID Safe

Finally, the last key product you have to have to keep your business COVID safe is hand sanitiser. You must make sure that you have hand sanitiser stations dotted throughout your business. In addition, you should also ensure that your all of your employees have access to hand sanitiser and should use it in between customers. It is a good idea to always have a hand sanitiser station right at your front door so when customers enter, they have the chance to sanitise their hands straight away. You should also have hand sanitiser stations at key touchpoints such as door handles, railings, and buttons.

Hand sanitiser wall
Desktop Hand Sanitiser Station
Antibacterial 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, Wall Mounted
Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, Floor Mounted
Pedal Operated Hand Sanitiser Station

We hope this blog has helped outline some key points and products that you need to have to be COVID safe. Make sure to check the Government website for up to date information on all of the COVID guidelines and restrictions. Let us know in the comments if you think we missed anything!

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