When is Hearing Protection Required?

27 July 2020

Hearing Protecting is important in industry, and you will need to know when it is required. It is a legal requirement that employees’ hearing is protected through noise reduction. This will further prevent long-term hearing problems, especially when an employee is exposed to loud noise daily. Here, you can find out a little more about the hearing protection you require, and what you can use to meet the regulations.

What Level of Hearing Protection is Needed?

The level of protection needed will depend on the exposure and level of noise. The employer is responsible for assessing the noise hazards and identifying ways to eliminate them. Lesser actions will be required when exposure is low and infrequent. However, if the average exposure level is above the safe level ear defenders are important.

For the exact decebell exposure appropriate for your workplace, refer to the government HSE website.

What are Ear Defenders?

Ear defenders or other noise defenders protect the user from loud noise which could be damaging long-term. The outside and headband is typically made from plastic. The inside, which covers your ears, is made from acoustic foam. This absorbs sound waves, blocking out some of the noise.

Ear defenders are very convenient as they can be used on the plastic band or clipped on to your helmet. If you still find more protection is needed from noise, you can use ear plugs along with ear defenders.

When purchasing ear defenders, consider what they will be used for. For example, different ones will allow you protect you from different noise and frequency levels. There is a huge variety in the market allowing you to find the ideal for your job.

You can also now buy electronic ear defenders. These are good for detecting the level of noise you are exposed to and also adjust accordingly. These usually block out the lower frequency noises but still allow you to hear higher frequencies such as voices and alarms more clearly.

Where can I buy the right protection?

You can easily find the right hearing protection from many industry suppliers such as Fairwayrock.com. With different materials used, you can also find a range of prices for all budgets.

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