The Best Smartwatches for Father’s Day

If you’re stuck with what to get your Dad for Father’s Day – a smartwatch is a great option! But there are so many different types of smartwatches that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we have selected our top picks in this blog! We have included ones to suit different needs and budgets, so you can find the best smartwatch to gift for Father’s Day!

Best Apple Smartwatch for Father’s Day

Apple Watch SE

best smartwatch fathers day

If your Dad has an iPhone, then the Apple Watch SE is a great choice, with Techradar describing it as “the best smartwatch money can buy right now.” You can use it to receive all your iPhone notifications, and for making phone calls. You can also use it for contactless payment through Apple Pay, so there’s no need to carry your phone everywhere. It looks slick and you can switch out the band to match different outfits. It has a bright OLED screen, making it easy to read even in harsh lighting. The device syncs seamlessly with your iPhone, with data being shared between apps instantly.

This watch is great too if your Dad likes to track his fitness, with the built-in Workout app allowing many different exercises to be tracked. It has a built-in GPS and heart monitor, and is water resistant up to 50 metres so you can track swims. It also has a sleep app where you can monitor and set sleep goals. Some things to note is that the smartwatch display is not always-on, meaning you need to raise your wrist to view it. This does mean that the battery life is better than the other Apple watches, however it is still lacking a bit compared to other brands, lasting around 1 and a half days. Overall, if your Dad has an iPhone then this smartwatch is the go-to gift for Father’s Day!

Price: £269

Compatible with: iPhone 6s or later

Best Samsung Smartwatch for Father’s Day

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

best smartwatch fathers day

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is arguably one of the best smartwatches on the market, perfect if your Dad has an android phone to sync it with. It has a slick design and the screen is bright and crisp, making it easy to read in all lighting. Navigating this watch is easy, with a rotating bezel that makes scrolling through menus simple. It allows you to check your schedule, send texts, and use for contactless payments.

This smartwatch also has good fitness tracking features, with seven activities automatically tracking even if you forget to start the tracking, including running, walking, swimming and cycling. In total there are 40 different workouts that can be tracked. There is also built-in stress tracking, tracking your heart rate and suggesting breathing exercises. It also comes with sleep tracking, giving you a sleep score every morning. The battery life lasts around 2 to 3 days of general use. If you are using the GPS and heart rate a lot, then this may be closer to 1 and a half days. So, this is similar to the Apple Watch in this regard. Overall, this is a very good smartwatch if your Dad is an android user and wants something with great fitness tracking, and doesn’t mind recharging every second day or so.

Price: £299 (currently £50 off!)

Compatible with: Android 5.0 or later, or iOS iPhone 5 and above

Best Smartwatch for Fitness Beginners

Fitbit Charge 4

If your Dad wants to focus on his fitness, then the Fitbit Charge 4 is a good option. The interface is simple and the watch is lightweight, meaning it is comfortable to wear for long periods. It allows you to track your step count, burned calories and Active Zone Minutes. It also has a built-in heart monitor and GPS so that you can track your routes. This smartwatch is also water-resistant for up to 50 metres depth, meaning it’s ideal if your dad enjoys swimming! Though Fitbit does advise drying off the band afterwards.

The Fitbit can last up to a week on a single charge, although this is shortened if you are using the GPS. The display is small but bright and easy to interact with, simply swiping right to view the various menus and settings. Swiping up shows your daily stats such as step count and burnt calories. You can customise which apps you want on the device, so you only get the information you need. You can also track your sleep if you wear it overnight, with your sleep stages being logged in the app. Overall, this is a simple and slick smartwatch that is a great option for Father’s Day if your dad likes to keep fit, or wants to get started on his fitness journey!

Price: £119

Compatible with: Android 7.0 and later, iPhone 5s and later, iPad 5 gen and later

Best Smartwatch for Fitness Pros

Garmin Instinct Solar

best smartwatch father's day

The Garmin Instinct Solar is perfect if your Dad is dedicated to fitness and needs a smartwatch with an impressive battery life. This watch uses sunlight to boost its battery whilst you’re outdoors, meaning even with GPS enabled this watch will last days rather than hours!

It does have a chunky design which may not be to everyone’s taste, but this is because it is built to endure the great outdoors. So you don’t need to worry about it breaking if your Dad enjoys lots of activity and the great outdoors. It is full of training and navigation features. It can measure your blood oxygen levels, and the heart rate monitor is very accurate. There are lots of activity tracking options, even for things like paddle boarding! The GPS is very accurate, and it also has a compass so you won’t get lost!  It is also able to receive smartphone notifications, and can be used for voice calls. Overall, this is a perfect choice for Father’s Day if your Dad loves getting outdoors and wants a practical smartwatch for running, hiking, cycling, pretty much any activity you can think of!

Price: £319

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Best Stylish Smartwatch for Father’s Day

Withings Steel HR Smartwatch

best smartwatch father's day

The Withings Steel HR Smartwatch is great if your Dad prioritises aesthetics and prefers something that looks stylish rather than sporty. This smartwatch looks like an ordinary watch, but it comes with fitness tracking. It tracks your heart rate, steps and distance. You can set step targets for yourself and your watch displays your progress. It can notify you of incoming calls, texts and emails. The watch has a regular minute and hour hands to keep track of the time, and it is easy to read despite the digital screen and percentage monitor.

Although the fitness tracking on this watch is limited compared to others, the step tracking is accurate and the heart monitor tracks throughout workouts to see how well you are doing. All of this information is stored in the accompanying app. You can also use this to track swimming and your sleep. The battery life is also impressive thanks to its small digital screen, lasting over a month on one charge! It is also quick to recharge, going from zero to full battery in around an hour. Overall, this is a great gift for Father’s Day if your dad prefers something stylish and discreet that looks like a regular watch, but still has some basic but decent fitness tracking!

Price: £169

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Best Budget Smartwatches for Father’s Day

Huawei Band 4 Pro

If you are looking for a good budget option that focusses on fitness then the Huawei Band 4 Pro is definitely one to consider. It has a built-in GPS and heart rate monitor so you can track your routes and performance. It tracks everyday activity including your steps, distance, calories burnt and your sleep. There are 11 different sports modes and you can pair it with your smartphone to receive your notifications through the device. The battery is also generous, lasting up to 12 days. It may not be as accurate or comprehensive as other smartwatches, but it does a great job for the price and should suit any Dad that wants to keep fit!

Price: £49.99

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Samsung Galaxy Fit2

best smartwatch fathers day

This Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is another good choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly option to gift. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day, and simple to use. The AMOLED screen is also bright and easy to see. Note that this smartwatch doesn’t have a GPS, so if your Dad wants to accurately track his runs then the Huawei Band 4 Pro would be more suited. This smartwatch does have a heart rate monitor built-in, and it keeps track of your steps, calories, and your sleep if you wear it overnight. Though the steps and sleep tracking data may not be as accurate compared to the pricier smartwatches.

There are a small number of workouts already loaded onto the watch, but you have the option to add more. This smartwatch is also waterproof and can be worn to track swims. You can also receive smartphone notifications, and quick reply to Whatsapp and Twitter messages. The battery lasts about a week if you are using all-day heart monitoring and sleep tracking, or upwards of 10 days if you aren’t tracking your exercise or heart rate daily. Overall, this is a good option if your Dad enjoys casual exercise and wants something that is simple and easy to wear.

Price: £49.99

Compatible with: Android and iOS

We hope that this blog has helped you decide on the best smartwatch to gift your Dad this Father’s Day!

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