Coronavirus Essentials for Business

Coronavirus has seen supermarket shelves completely emptied. Toilet roll shortages, soap unavailable, and don’t even start on hand sanitisers… Thank you very much COVID-19. We know you are all fed up of hearing about it, but it is important that you have coronavirus essentials available for your own health and safety, as well as preventing your employees and others from danger!

Fairwayrock is suffering from shortages in some products such as certain personal hand sanitisers. But we still have many coronavirus essentials to help you and your business. Below are the Top Coronavirus essentials.

1. Buy Toilet Roll

The ultimate coronavirus stockpiled item which has become like gold dust! Fairwayrock still has this available for both industrial and personal uses.

The Maxima Green Toilet Roll White (Pack 48) is great for offices or public toilets which use toilet roll dispensers for rolls as shown below. A pack of 48 is just over £15, and will keep your office stocked up well!

You can also get 2-ply toilet tissue packs for around £18 if your dispenser uses sheets rather than rolls. Or for individual rolls the same as you would have at home, you can buy 4-Ply Wood Pulp Toilet Paper. These are only £35 which is an excellent deal for a pack of 16 toilet rolls.

2. Antibacterial Hand Wash

Hand sanitiser is important for using in between washing hands, but it still will not prevent coronavirus as much as a good antibacterial hand wash! So ensure you have plenty of this available in your place of work.

The Kimberly Clark Professional 6331 Kleenex General Hand Cleanser Pink 1Ltr is an excellent hand wash. It is ideal for busy bathrooms and dispenses the ideal amount of soap for each wash, helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus! With up to 1,000 shots of soap, it should last a good while in your workplace.

We recommend the Ecover 5205 Liquid Hand Soap 250 Ml for personal use. This kills 99.9% of bacteria.

3. Surface Sanitising Wipes

Draper Hard Graft Cleaning Wipes Pack of 100 are great sanitising wipes for surfaces. As they are such a large pack, it is ideal for making easily available in your office or workplace so employees can regularly wipe down their work-spaces. They are also ideal for having at home for personal use to keep your home virus-free.

4. Disinfectant

Disinfectant is so important for blasting any bugs! So this is worth keeping stocked up as one of your coronavirus essentials. The Jeyes Fluid Unfragranced Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant, 5L is ideal for industry. It is perfect for mopping floors with if diluted. This is also available as 1ltr disinfectant.

5. Disposable Gloves

Purchasing disposable gloves is certainly one way of preventing any nasty bacteria on your hands getting in the way! While these coronavirus essentials are critical in fields such as catering and hospitality industries or healthcare industries, it is also a wise idea to have these available for your staff. A box of Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves Blue Extra Large (Pack of 200) is not too expensive, yet is a very effective way of protecting yourself and others.

Stay Safe and Stocked Up With Coronavirus Essentials

During this time, we urge businesses to keep their employees safe. Thankfully these coronavirus essentials will help with this and prevent the disease spreading. However, we also want to remind you not to panic. While these are uncertain times, we believe that

Please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] if you have anything you need, and we will do our best to source it for you.

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