Helium Filled Aerostats (Balloons / Blimps)

What are Helium Aerostats Used For?

Helium filled aerostats ( Balloons / Blimps) are typically utilised as a platform to carry surveillance radars. They reach altitudes of 15,000 feet while tethered to the ground by a single tether. Border surveillance is a typical successful use for them. They are a cost effective, long duration solution for border security.

Commonly known as Persistent Surveillance Solutions, most originate from the United States and Europe. They have been successful in both military and civil roles. Persistent Surveillance Solutions which are aerostats including payloads, such as radars or EO/IR sensors, have export restrictions. If you choose to lease or purchase an aerostat with a sensor as a total package from a recognised supplier, the entire system will have the export restriction of the sensor.

How do you procure a Helium Aerostat?

If you choose to procure an aerostat only, you are free to add to the aerostat system after you receive it. However the successful vendor cannot support you in any payload integration work without the appropriate license(s) in place. When purchasing an aerostat, the following points should be considered. These will help determine the proper size required. The most important things to consider are:

  • Maximum operational elevation (MSL)
  • Maximum desired flying height (AGL)
  • Desired duration of flight (hours, days, weeks)
  • Weight of user payload (lbs or kgs)
  • Does user payload require power.
  • What is the hottest temperature it will operation in.

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