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Star Wars Scrabble Board Game


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EAN: 0887961976434

Brand: Star Wars

• Star Wars Scrabble lets fans enjoy their favourite space saga combined with every galaxy's favourite crossword-style game! • Features 2 games in 1 - Classic Scrabble where you with added Star Wars vocabulary and Galaxy Mode where you manoeuvre 4 unique starship tokens around the board to collect Galaxy Cards! • ​Authentic Star Wars theming binds this Scrabble game together! • ​Even letter tiles are special as they include Aurebesh characters which are the alphabet of the Star Wars galaxy!​ • ​A special glossary is included featuring Star Wars lingo - everything from Alderaan to Zuckuss and it's all legal to play! ​Launching gaming excitement into hyperspace, the Scrabble Star Wars Edition features two different ways to play! Classic Scrabble: Play tiles from your rack to form crossword-style words. In addition to the standard alphabet letters, the tiles in this version of the game include Aurebesh characters - the alphabet of the Star Wars galaxy! Galaxy Mode: the game launches into hyperdrive, with galaxy cards, starship tokens and a whole new way to play. The words you build allow you to move one of four iconic starship tokens - the Millennium Falcon, Boba Fett's starship, an X-wing, or a TIE fighter around the board. As players navigate their starship around the board, they can collect Galaxy Cards to increase their score and strike back at opponents! Additional details: Packaging size: 370mm x 270mm x 50mm Recommended age: 10+ Number of players: 2-4

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