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Personalised Message in a Bottle in Sand - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him


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Valentine's Day Gifts For Him - Sure, you can send your ‘someone special’ an email or a text between bites of your lunch, but it’ll be missing a sense of timeless sentimentality. And, it’s unlikely that it’ll ever be the subject of a Kevin Costner film. But, a personalised Message in a Bottle… well, now we’re talking! This special message is printed on parchment, rolled up, and placed inside a glass bottle that’s filled with more sand and seashells than a surfer’s car seat. The bottle is then placed in a brilliantly-crafted wooden presentation box. All that you need to do is write the message that will be immortalised inside the bottle. And, in case you like to gush more than the hull of a sinking ship, this letter gives you a whopping 800 characters of personalisable space. So, if you don’t want your next special occasion to be a shipwreck, order this personalised Message in a Bottle today! Personalised Message in a Bottle in Sand - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

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