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BERG Basic Go-Karts Basic BFR


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Brand: Berg

Due to regional restrictions, we’re not able to deliver BERG products to Ireland or Northern Ireland. The BERG Basic BFR is the go-kart with the longest history within the BERG go-kart family. You can feel, hear and see it when riding this fantastic classic go-kart. You can turn the steering wheel with a single finger, making you extremely manoeuvrable. Combined with the handy coaster brake, this go-kart is by far the safest option! The durable frame guarantees playing fun throughout the seasons. Add to the fun with, for example, a trailer, a second seat, flashing lights or other fun accessories SPECIFICATIONS All round tires Tires: 40cm Swing axle - Stable on any terrain Double ballbearing - For extremely smooth steering DIMENSIONS Length 156 cm Width 81 cm Height 86 cm Weight39 kg OPTIONAL Sport steering wheel Number plate Farm Exhaust Front mud guards Lifting unit Front linkage Heavy duty brake pads Roll-bar SPECIFICATION: Brand Berg Usage Home Use Condition Brand New Warranty 5 Years on Frame + 2 Years on Parts - * Only available through online registration at

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