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World's Smallest Walkie Talkies


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GTIN: 25055371510688

Brand: #winning

Grew up dreaming of obtaining "Double 0" status? Spent many an hour crouching behind the sofa with a water pistol shadowing the ever-oblivious dog? Maybe the World's Smallest Walkie Talkie will quench your thirst for espionage! Feel like a real spy as you and a friend take these fantastic little gadgets and go off on your splinter missions whilst remaining in contact. Divide and conquer and all that... Use either the push to talk or Morse code mode up to 10 metres and keep in touch. The walkies talkies even come with flexible antannae for further portability, making it easy to slip them in your pocket. The World's Smallest Walkie Talkie requires 8 x AG13 batteries, included, and is not suitable for children under the age of 3. Warning: this product requires button cell batteries which if swallowed by children may lead to serious injury or death in as little as 2 hours. World's Smallest Walkie Talkies

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