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Barbie Supermarket Playset with 25 Accessories - multi


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EAN: 0887961632309

Brand: Barbie

Barbie doll has all the ingredients for fun with a grocery store playset that has everything needed to play out a trip to the supermarket. Pieces are designed with working features (like wheels on the cart and a working conveyor belt at the register) along with modern trends for realistic role-play and imaginative storytelling. Help Barbie doll grab the shopping cart -it really rolls! - and browse the display stand, with its bin for produce, shelves for food and a scale that moves for active role-play. Once the cart is full, head over to register 3. Load the items onto the conveyor belt and place the shopping bag on the hook then slide the lever and watch your purchases fall into the bag. There are so many meals and stories kids can cook up especially with 20 food accessories to set up and shop for. A plug-and-play design keeps them in place so imaginations can focus on storytelling and all-day play. Barbie doll is ready for any adventure in the aisles wearing a sporty floral dress and white sneakers. Kids will love exploring the grocery store and the world with this supermarket playset because you can be anything with Barbie! Includes Barbie doll wearing fashion and shoes, a checkout stand with register and working conveyor belt, display case, rolling shopping cart, shopping bag and food pieces. Doll cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.

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