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GTIN: 810816030333

Brand: HUCH! & friends

Incohearent: What is it? Incohearent is an adult party game that has players trying to make sense out of gibberish… kinda like a sober person at the receiving end of a drunk dial. How do you play it? Well, the cards have words printed on them, but they make less sense than the fact that Kamikaze pilots wear helmets. But, when you recite the words out loud, they somewhat resemble the phrase printed on the back of the card. For example, a card might read, ‘Though wok calves aim’. Make any sense? Try it out loud. You’ve been saying, ‘The walk of shame.’ So, a player will draw a card, start the timer, and read the words printed on it. The goal is to decipher the phrase before the time runs out. Simple, right? Sure. Who is it aimed at? This game is for adults only. Trust us on this one. It’s for 2 to 20 players aged 17 or older. There are 3 categories to play through and it takes roughly 20 to 40 minutes to play. Why you should buy it Buy this game to enliven get-togethers, pump-up parties, and avoid awkward small talk… possibly by making things more awkward. Point is, it’s great for games night! So, for a party game that will get you talking, order Incohearent now! Incohearent Party Game - Board Game

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