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Samsung Customisable Burgundy Bezel for The Frame 49" TV Red (VG-SCFR49BR/XC)


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Compare Samsung Customisable Burgundy Bezel for The Frame 49" TV Red (VG-SCFR49BR/XC)

GTIN: 8806090194894

Brand: Samsung

Customisable Frame. Choose the perfect frame for your space.  Features. 1. Quick and Easy Installation. It's effortless to refresh the Frame's appearance. The customisable frames adhere with magnets. Snap on the frame of your choice to update the view.2. Various Colour Options. Choose the customisable frame to match your style. All you have to do is choose a customisable frame to best suit your place or even the occasion.3. Blend into home. Accentuate your home's beauty with a frame that complements the décor. Make it the centerpiece, or let it blend with the background.Simple and Harmonious Design. Each customisable frame fits The Frame seamlessly, accentuating its sleek, clean lines and crisp angles. Just pick the finish that best suits your style.

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