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APPLE HomePod Mini - White, White


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EAN: 0190199710511

Brand: Apple

Revolutionise the way you listenThe Apple HomePod Mini brings together Apple Music and Siri in a super compact, yet powerful speaker. Simply ask Siri to play some music, read you the latest news headlines, or continue your podcast where you left off.It's small, but can rival much larger speakers. The 360º design fills your entire room with audio that sounds amazing from every angle. Place multiple speakers around your home for a connected multi-room sound system.Siri's here to helpThe do-it-all assistant that's there for the whole family, Siri is here to help. Prepare for your day with traffic, weather, and reminders. Control your smart home devices such as lights and thermostats. Get answers, add to your shopping list, find your iPhone, and much more.Siri can recognise the voices of up to 6 different family members, so everyone gets a personalised experience.Part of the Apple familyThe HomePod Mini works seamlessly with your Apple devices. Pick up an incoming call from your iPhone, listen to music on your Mac, or enhance your home cinema by pairing 2 HomePod Minis to create stereo sound.Let the kids know that dinner is ready with Intercom. Ask Siri to send a message to the whole house or to individual rooms - and everyone can easily respond.__________________________________________Please note: Siri works with Apple Music. Subscription required for Apple Music.

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