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Apple AirPods (3rd generation) with Lightning Charging Case ​​​​​​​


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EAN: 0194253324171

Brand: Apple

Discover the Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) with Lightning Charging Case on our price comparison website. Compare prices, find the best deals, and save money from multiple suppliers. As well as unmatched sound quality (every note and beat is reproduced with exceptional precision, providing a truly immersive audio experience), the Apple AirPods provide seamless connectivity (take them out of their charging case and they will automatically pair with your iPhone, iPad or Mac). The convenient Lightning Charging Case ensures that your earbuds are always ready to go and with the lightning fast charging capabilities, you can enjoy hours of listening time with just a few minutes of charging. Upgrade to AirPods (3rd Gen) and elevate your wireless audio experience today!

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