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Nintendo Switch OLED Neon, Minecraft & SanDisk 256 GB Memory Card Bundle, Red,Blue


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EAN: 0045496453466

Brand: Nintendo

Get more space for your games with the Nintendo Switch OLED Neon, Minecraft & SanDisk 256 GB Memory Card Bundle._____________________________________________________________Nintendo Switch OLED - Neon Red & BlueWith the Nintendo Switch OLED you'll enjoy all the same great features of the original Switch on a slimmer 7" OLED screen. Its vibrant display will show vivid colours and detailed contrast - bringing your games to life, wherever you're playing.It also comes with 64 GB of internal memory for all of your gaming needs.The Nintendo Switch OLED is designed to go wherever you do. With the ability to transform between a home console and a portable system, the Switch lets you play your favourite games for longer.Just connect the HDMI cable to your TV to enjoy a traditional console gaming experience. You can even use the new wired LAN port for a more stable connection while playing in TV mode.With an adjustable stand and two wireless Joy-Con controllers, the Switch makes it easy to share a gaming experience with a friend. Featuring standard buttons and a directional joystick, each controller also has motion sensing and high-definition tactile feedback._____________________________________________________________Nintendo Switch MinecraftPlace blocks and build whole new worlds with Minecraft - the only limit is your imagination. Choose creative mode for unlimited resources, or building and survival modes to craft weapons, armour, and explore unknown lands. You can play with friends across platforms - so if they have Minecraft on their console, PC or phone you can all play together. And when you have people over - choose split screen to play with up to three friends._____________________________________________________________SanDisk Class 10 microSDXC Memory Card for Nintendo Switch - 256 GBAccess all your games and get playing in moments with the SanDisk Class 10 microSDXC Memory Card for Nintendo Switch.Designed for your Nintendo Switch console, the card has a super-fast writing speed, so you can save your achievements without having to wait.With 256 GB of storage space, there's more than enough room for your games. That means wherever you are, you can choose what to play from your entire library. And with a 100 MB/s read speed, even the biggest titles should start up in no time.

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