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GTIN: 5055371506892

Brand: Solid

Go down in history as the only man to down a yard of ale (amongst your friends) with this manly Yard of Ale drinking glass. Take it to a party and see who dares take on the challenge and become the ultimate Yardy! This novelty drinking glass can hold up to a chest hair growing 2.4 pints, so it will really separate the men from the boys. Printed on the glass are various markers to aim for just in case you can't make the full yard of ale - will you end up being a Wimp or a Solid Legend?This Yard of Ale Glass is perfect for parties or stag do's and features a high quality wooden stand. Stages of yard glass: Wimp Lightweight Pretender Contender Solid Bloke Solid Legend Dimensions: Glass: Height: 58cm Diameter: 12cm. Wooden Stick: Height :43cm. Diameter :2.5cm Tray: 17cm X 11.5cm

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