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Paintball Lava Lamp in White


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GTIN: 047162121426

Brand: RED5

Express your signature personality and bring colour to max a with this eye-catching Colourmax Paintball Lava Lamp. This conversation piece features a tri-coloured globe that make the white wax inside appear to mysteriously change colour as it flows. Watch captivated as the lava flows slowly and stretches into countless shapes through approximately 20 ounces of liquid. Colormax technology makes white wax appear to change color as it flows up and down the multi-colored, painted base. In the original shape of the 1960s trademark design, the soothing effect is ideal for the bedroom or lounge room and perfect for those who pride themselves on retro decor sense of style. Mains operated, it comes with a 25 watt bulb and is made from glass with stylish paintball decal on base and cap providing an psychedelic finish, man. The distinctive Lava Lamp shape makes an ideal house warming gift or even wedding present. Very Psychedelic, man! Paintball Lava Lamp in White

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