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Devon Cheese & Port Hamper - Wicker Hamper


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EAN: 5055829915108

Brand: Devon Hampers

This Devon Cheese and Port Hamper includes some of the finest hand-picked Devonshire produce and is packed full of Devon charm and flavour. Each addition has been carefully chosen to complement the other items in the hamper basket, creating a wonderfully fulfilling mix of local savoury treats. Contents: Black Bomber 400g Cheese - A rich and tangy Cheddar flavour with a smooth creaminess that lingers on the palate, Elderberry & Port Liqueur 200ml - A deliciously enjoyable treat in a sweet and complex drink, made in Devon, Hawkridge Cave Aged Traditional Cheddar - Matured in the historic caves of Wookey Hole near Somerset for a rich and tangy taste, Hogs Bottom Devon Chutney -  A delightful sweetness that complements strong flavours., Popti Cornish Buttermilk & Oat Crackers - A rich, buttery cracker accented with a flavourful crunchy mix of oat., Hogs Bottom Devon Chutney 320g - This great tasting chutney will make cheese come alive, Sharpham 280gm -

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