6 Inch Wire Wheel Brush Stainless Steel for Bench Grinder Polishing Deburring Rust & Paint Removal

Product Code: PS2439067
Seller: TomTop
SKU: E19164


Features: Wide Usage: It can be used for grinding and polishing the surface of steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, wood, stone, concrete and so on. Application: For quick and effective removal of automo ... tive paint, wood paint, rust, oxidation, descaling. And can be used for wood polishing and deburring. High Quality: These brushes are all high performance that made of high quality material with strong and high toughness, durable with high abrasive resistance, and they don't shed. Reason for Choice: Simple installation, Multiple sizes, easy to use, quick polishing effect, stable performance. Use: Can be used with gaskets, there are 13mm. 16mm, 22mm and 25mm sizes of gaskets. With different gaskets can become different aperture for different usage. Read More

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