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Steinel 352202 HL 2020 E Hot air blower incl. case 2200 W


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EAN: 4007841352202

Brand: Steinel

The hot air blower HL 2020 E is extremely robust design and promises a good 20% longer lifetime than its predecessor. The residual heat indicator warns of danger of burns on the outlet tube, even if the mains plug has long been is disconnected. And the joystick enables intuitive operation and work. The hot air blower HL 2020 E is designed for all STEINEL nozzles and with up to 630 °C is the ideal tool for forming, Desolder circuit boards, plastics welding, filler drying, shrinking cables, pipes, soldering and other tasks which have a high and precisely adjustable heat as well as a powerful fan. The current operating temperature and air quantity on the, easy to read in all lighting conditions, LCD display. For build-up of heat the device reacts immediately with a warning triangle in the display lights up. The power cord can be replaced by the removable cap in the handle in no time at all.

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