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Steinel 033316 HL 1820 S Hot air blower 1800 W


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EAN: 4007841033316

Brand: Steinel

For this, every DIY enthusiast heats up: With the HL 1820 S, not only the temperature of 50 over 400 up to 600 °C can be set in three stages - but also the strength of the air flow. Numerous clever details ensure enthusiasm. The optimized center of gravity of the device allows almost fatigue-free working, the ergonomic handle with soft application ensures an optimum handling and the integrated thermal fuse protects against overheating. In addition, all standard nozzles from STEINEL can be attached to the device, which make the most different applications even easier – for example de-icing, drying, shaping, shrinking and much more.This text is machine translated.

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