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Prebena DNPF16 Pneumatic nail gun 7 bar


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EAN: 4016429060057

Brand: Prebena

Our PREBENA compressed air nail gun DNPF16 is the ideal choice for every home & hobby craftsman when it comes to working with staples of the lengths 06-16 mm.Its handy format and low weight make the device flexible to use. Applications such as fixing roofing felt, insulation, films or upholstery of any kind can be easily carried out with the DNPF16.The robust metal housing protects the device from external influences and thus impresses with its long service life.The DNPF16 is equipped with a practical under-loading magazine and has a tripping fuse, which guarantees you safe working. In addition, the pneumatic nail driver has an adjustable exhaust air, including silencer, which ensures a pleasant working.This text is machine translated.

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