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Canon CLI-511 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge, Tri-colour


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Brand: Canon

Print beautifully vivid colour prints and photographs with the Canon CLI-511 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge. From work reports to home projects, Canon cartridges deliver long lasting prints with a smudge free and fade resistant finish. The Canon CLI-511 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge has been designed to be used with Canon's Pixma MP240, MP260, MX320 & MP480 inkjet printers. Compatible printers: - Canon PIXMA iP2700 - Canon PIXMA iP2702 - Canon PIXMA MP230 - Canon PIXMA MP235 - Canon PIXMA MP240 - Canon PIXMA MP250 - Canon PIXMA MP260 - Canon PIXMA MP270 - Canon PIXMA MP280 - Canon PIXMA MP480 - Canon PIXMA MP490 - Canon PIXMA MP495 - Canon PIXMA MP499 - Canon PIXMA MX320 - Canon PIXMA MX330 - Canon PIXMA MX340 - Canon PIXMA MX350 - Canon PIXMA MX360 - Canon PIXMA MX410 - Canon PIXMA MX420

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