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Plantpak Wooden Growhouse - Dove Grey


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EAN: 5060396796104

Brand: Plantpak

Introducing the Plantpak Wooden Growhouse: Compare Prices, Discover Best Deals, and Enjoy Great Savings! Upgrade your gardening game with the Plantpak Wooden Growhouse. With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, the Plantpak Wooden Growhouse provides the perfect haven for your plants to thrive. Crafted from durable wood, this growhouse ensures long-lasting performance and offers excellent insulation, shielding your precious plants from extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions. The adjustable shelves provide flexibility to cater to the unique requirements of each plant, allowing you to create the ideal environment for their growth. Made from solid wood with 5mm thick UV-treated polycarbonate glazing. Unique hinged lid with adjustable locking stays for desired ventilation. Slatted adjustable shelves for the flexibility of growing taller plants.Easy to assemble with minimal tools. H 132cm x D 71cm x W 41cm Our price comparison website allows you to compare prices from multiple suppliers, ensuring you discover the best deals and offers available.

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