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5x7 Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Shed - No installation


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EAN: 0000036521203

Brand: Forest

Keep your garden neat, tidy, and organised with the 5x7 Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Shed. The traditional apex roof, generous headroom, and decorative touches ensure this shed will look fantastic in your garden, as well as being extremely practical. Available in an array of sizes to help you find one that's perfect for your needs and outdoor space, the Overlap Apex Shed is perfect for storing away garden machinery and tools, bikes, kids' outdoor toys, and much more. Constructed using pressure treated timber, this shed will stay strong and durable for years to come. It is resistant to rot and fungal infections, and the overlap design of the timber boards allows for natural movement of the timber during changing weather conditions and aid in water run-off. With increased framing to give the building a stronger construction, the shed comes with a solid timber floor, which is much hardier than more common OSB, making it ideal for storing heavier gardening equipment. The shed also comes with hidden security measures, featuring anti-tamper hinges that can't be seen or accessed from the outside, as well as a hasp and staple latch that allows you to padlock the door. The Overlap Apex Shed is available either with or without windows, allowing you to personalise your shed to your own taste. If you intend to use the shed for purely storage needs, then a shed without windows may be the best one for you. It will keep prying eyes away from your garden goods, and keep everything inside protected from UV rays. A shed with windows, however, would be perfect for anyone intending to make a workshop out of their shed, or intend to spend some amount of time in it. The windows are made from shatter-proof PET glazing, which won't become yellow and brittle over time, making sure your shed always looks attractive. This shed is also available either with or without a base. if you plan on setting your shed up over a patio or stoned area of your garden, then a base won't be necessary. If you're looking to build your shed over grass or softer ground, and want a little extra support, a spiked base which is implanted into the ground provides solid and stable support for your shed, making construction even easier. With a light, natural woody colour from the pressure treating, contrasting with the black sand felt roof, this shed won't only be a great storage place, but help to bring a sense of understated charm and elegance to your garden. The diamond-shaped finial at the peak of the roof helps create even more height from the outside, while the natural grain found throughout the wooden beams ensures this shed will fit in with any natural garden decor. Instillation by a team of professionals is available for an extra yet affordable price, and all fittings and fixtures are included with this shed, as well as easy-to-follow instructions are included for any DIY hobbyists who want to really made this shed their own by building it themselves.

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