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Crompton 15W Bayonet Cap Pygmy Sign Bulb - Green


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EAN: 5018986518933

Brand: Crompton

The SIG15 Range from Crompton are high quality Colour Glazed 15 Watt Pygmy Sign Lamps fitted with a B22d Bayonet Cap. Available in a range of finishes including Amber, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White and Yellow. Sign lamps are an ideal bulb for any indoor or outdoor sign display along with normal applications such as indication, night lights, control panels and general appliance lighting. Crompton sign lamps are manufactured using a vacuuming process in order to reduce internal vibration and create a tough bulb which will withstand dirt and wind. Painted from the inside, these bulbs coating will not wear away and are sure to add colour and sparkle to your domesic or commercial application. Tested up to 1,000 hours of life and internally fused for safety. * Please note, the colour of the glass on the bulb may vary. When Lit, this will reflect a the correct colour. Main Features: 15W Sign Lamp Bayonet Cap (BC/B22d) Fitting Long 1000 Hour Life Ideal For Indoor or Outdoor Use Technical Specification: Operation: 240V 15W Cap Type: B22d BC Fused: Yes Dia. 28mm Height: 58

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