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NINJA Woodfire OG701UK Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker - Black, Silver/Grey,Black


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Compare NINJA Woodfire OG701UK Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker - Black, Silver/Grey,Black

EAN: 0622356266260

Brand: Ninja

It's outside cooking, but with a helping hand. The Ninja Woodfire's got a BBQ grill that gives your food that authentic (and tasty) chargrilled finish. Craving some smoked brisket? The smoker box uses Woodfire technology - that means it burns real wood pellets to give your food deep rich flavour. Everything'll come out evenly cooked and fully smoked thanks to the fan. But the Woodfire's no one-trick pony. The 7 customisable functions mean that you can bake, roast and even air fry outside. All you need is a plug socket and hungry bellies.Good to know- Cook with the lid open for a BBQ-style experience or closed to let the Ninja do all the work- The Ninja Woodfire Pellets are made from 100% premium hardwood for perfect flavour- Get classic BBQ flavours with the Robust Blend pellets, or go for sweeter flavours with the All-Purpose Blend- The large grill means you can cook a whopping 8 burgers or 2 racks of ribs- Fit up to 1 kg of wings into the air frying basket- A 2 m power cable makes it easy to set up, and it's weather-resistant to stand up to the elements- Cleaning's easy thanks to the non-stick grill plate and removable grease tray

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