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NINJA Foodi Max OP500UK Multi Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer - Black & Silver, Black,Silver/Grey


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EAN: 0622356233422

Brand: Ninja

Make big meals in no time with this Ninja pressure cooker and air fryer. It works up to 70% faster than a standard cooker, so you can quickly serve up anything from steaks to a whole roast chicken. The huge 7.5 litre capacity lets you prepare enough for up to 5 or 6 people in one go - perfect when you're entertaining friends or family. And if you want to cook a main and sides at the same time, use the reversible rack to stack your food. The result? One-pot meals in less time.Good to know- With 9 cooking functions you've got the option to roast, grill, steam, sauté and more - so it's easier than ever to get creative in your kitchen- With Ninja's special TenderCrisp technology you can cook tender, juicy meat and then give it the ideal crisp finish- The air fryer function cooks with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying - so you can enjoy your favourite treats without the guilt- Not in a hurry? The slow cooker function will have your meal waiting for you when you get home - perfect for tender pulled pork or casseroles- With the bake function you can enjoy fresh, crispy bread any time, without needing to use your oven- When it's time to clean up, the non-stick cooking pot and basket are both dishwasher-safe

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