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SAMSUNG Series 5 ecobubble WW11BBA046AB/EU 11 kg 1400 - Black, Black


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EAN: 8806094597974

Brand: Samsung

Bubbles and steam make for relaxing baths. The ecobubble and steam technology in this Samsung washing machine give your clothes the VIP treatment too. The ecobubble tech mixes air, water and detergent to create cleansing bubbles that lift dirt, even at lower temperatures. The Bubble Soak helps to deal with stains and dirt - it lets them bathe in bubbles for 30 minutes. And Hygiene Steam helps to get rid of those annoying allergens that can be so irritating.Good to know- Space Max design allows for a bigger drum size without increasing the size of the washing machine- The Digital Inverter Motor delivers fantastic performance while cutting down noise and energy use - and the motor's backed by a 20 year warranty- The Stay Clean drawer uses powerful jets to get rid of any detergent build-up

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