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BEKO B3T4823DW 8 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White, White


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EAN: 8690842477218

Brand: Beko

You might not be able to tell when your clothes are perfectly dry, but this Beko Pro tumble dryer can. The sensor drying programs help to prevent overdrying by using sensors, automatically stopping the cycle. That means it helps to save time and money too. If you can't unload your clothes right away, the automatic anti-creasing function helps to stop them from getting wrinkled. It rotates to keep them separated, so you won't have to spend as long ironing.Good to know- Heat pump technology uses lower temperatures and reusing hot air- Don't leave anything behind - the interior light makes it easier to check you've unloaded everything- Refresh your clothes with the SteamCure program that removes odours and creases

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