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Coffee machine Rancilio Silvia Black


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GTIN: 4260122442218

Brand: Rancilio

Rancilio — one of the most well-known manufacturers of commercial espresso machines and coffee grinders — introduces their new model, Silvia, a professional espresso machine designed for homes and offices. The company firmly believes that perfect coffee is something you can enjoy daily. All that's needed is passion for coffee, a sincere wish to delve into the art of coffee brewing and, of course, professional coffee preparation gear. The latter is exactly what Rancilio has created — with the help of its tools, you can become a true home barista. PROFESSIONAL COFFEE BREWING TECHNOLOGIESYou can now take advantage of professional Rancilio coffee brewing technologies right in the comfort of your home: a well-insulated water boiler for a stable water temperature, an ergonomic professional portafilter with a diameter of 58 mm, a professional tamper and a professional stainless-steel steam wand for the preparation of the perfect milk foam. PROFESSIONAL MILK FROTHING TECHNOLOGYUsing a professional steam wand designed for the heating and frothing of milk, you'll prepare milk foam of the highest quality for all of your favourite milk-based beverages. MODERN DESIGN AND HIGHEST QUALITYThe coffee machine has an extremely modern look, so it's guaranteed to adorn the interior of any house or office. High quality is evident in every detail of this appliance — only the very best materials have been used when making it.SPECIAL FEATURES- Rancilio technologies in a compact, 23-cm-wide machine- Stainless-steel body- 14-gram and 18-gram coffee filters - 2-litre water tank that is easy to remove and clean- Stainless-steel drip tray and cup tray that are easy to remove and clean- Energy-saving, well-insulated water heater (boiler)- Professional coffee tamper: black wooden handle and a stainless-steel base (with a diameter of 58 mm) - Coffee machine is designed to be used in homes and offices

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